APICS Principles: Distribution Requirements Planning

August 19, 2020
9:00 AM PDT - 12:30 PM PDT

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ZOOM Meeting
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Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) applies concepts necessary for the effective management and control of the distribution channel.  DRP introduces the use of materials requirement planning type logic to manage supply chain replenishment.

Through discussion and practical, hands-on exercises, this seminar will help attendees gain a firm understanding of the principles and functions of Distribution Requirements Planning, including re-supply management, performance policies and measurements.

Attend this seminar and learn about:

  • Understanding distribution channel dependencies
  • Detail understanding of “push”, “pull”, reorder point or DRP for replenishment
  • Exploring time phasing, the heart of DRP
  • Understanding the DRP Planning Grid
  • Calculating projected available balance and net replenishment
  • Exploring DRP and the Bill of Distribution (BOD)
  • Developing a warehouse capacity plan


By the conclusion of the seminar, attendees will have acquired practical tools to applying Distribution Requirement Planning to a business system, and creating warehouse capacity planning.

Virtual Workshop:  Join us with Zoom!

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