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Supply Chain Management Professionals PNW Events Calendar Update

APICS Puget Sound continuously seeks feedback from members and, along with supply chain professionals everywhere, the news is that they are busy! Their time is valuable, they face daily challenges including many demands and competing priorities for their limited resources. So when it comes to allocation of their time and team resources they all seem to want EASE of access, QUALITY of content, and maximum direct professional BENEFIT from each activity in which they invest.

We hear you and in order to fulfill these requirements by streamlining your information and efforts we have expanded our website events Calendar to cover the entire Pacific Northwest, location and remote events, from various organizations including APICS along with others, for a simple yet robust view of activity options relevant to supply chain professionals. This is by no means an all-inclusive listing and APICS-PS bears no responsibility for all organizations, events, content or execution. We simply seek to support supply chain management professionals as their primary partner and best resource for networking, education and certifications.

Please take a look under Calendar at: and feel free to share your questions or feedback with us, including any events you wish to see added, to: